The Alarming Crisis of Dairy Farmers

India is the largest producer as well as consumer of the dairy milk in this world producing around 130 million tonnes and the total world production approximates 730 million tones. FAO estimated 85 % of all milk worldwide was produced from cows et cetera is from various other types (11 % Buffalo,2 % heard as well as 2 % others.). UNITED STATE is the second biggest manufacturer of milk as well as the first biggest manufacturer of cow's milk. Israel dairy products farms are quite efficient with a return of 12,546 kgs of milk each cow each year.

Indian Dairy farmers are in crisis with increased expense of production and non remunerative rates. Roi for dairy farmers are extremely less as a result of boosted costs of feed as well as medical expenses for pets. Previously, the cattle utilized to depend upon grazing, natural deposits and also crop residue for straw which are lowering currently. The milk farmers are forcibly rely on the packaged livestocks feed to enhance the milk production, at some point the price of manufacturing has enhanced. Feed cost has actually been raising up to 30- 50 percent from past 4 consecutive years, but the milk purchase prices have not increased relatively. Health care also big problem, inoculation and also De-warming expenses have actually been raised.

The productivity of the cattle is based upon the caring and handling, farmers are slowly reducing their non performance pets and switching over to reliable types like Jersey as well as Holstein Friesian. Investment on these exotic cattle is heavy problem for the farmers and these breeds require more feed, water as well as caring since they are not native animals. Farmers are battling to get loans for bleeding animals and also the bank charges are really high around 12 % rate of interest and insurance price is added. With the raised price of production including expensive breeds the dairy products farming is not remunerative, so the farmers are gradually reducing their herd dimension as well as considered the farmers have quiting the milk farming.

The procurement rates have not increased relatively with milk market selling prices, in fact the purchase costs have actually minimized in Oct and Nov months of 2012. The Andhra Pradesh farmers have actually encountered a bitter encounter called "MILK VACATION" because of the untrue market evaluation by milk advertising and marketing companies. They have imported inexpensive Skim milk powder by estimating that the milk manufacturing is going to be much less for this year however there is a regular growth in milk manufacturing. The majority of the milk advertising and marketing firms including Co-operative sectors have minimized the purchase costs and a few of them have actually quit to collect the milk from farmers. Pet straw is the greatest issue for the farmers, reduction in grazing land, natural resources and also dry spell scenarios leads bumpy ride for animal fodder. In 2014, the dry forage was cost Rs.2.00 each kg in some dry districts of Andhra Pradesh. The lending centers for livestocks are also difficult for small farmers, a country inadequate lady who wishes to purchase a buffalo she gets the loan with high rates of interest around 14 % with a wonderful struggle, where as in the cities the auto loan come across approved with 7-8 percent interest rate without any obstacles.

Our Indian Dairy Sector is in disorderly scenario, India is the largest milk producer on the planet, paradoxically ...

whereas chemical mixed adulterated milk is extensively offered in the marketplace.

whereas milk intake is quite less as well as 68.72 Kg/capita/year.

Whereas The Food and safety specifications authority of India (FSSAI) has announced the 68 % of the mass milk products have found to be harmful as well as ineffective quality.

Indian federal government has actually opened up evictions to FDI's and delighted to enter in open market contracts, already France's DANONE is boldy marketing it's dairy products in Indian market related to Dynamix Dairy products- Baramathi (Maharashtra), New Zealand's FONTERRA and DANONE are interested to get significant pile in Hyderabad based Tirumala Milk items. As we understand that largest milk generating nations are interested to enter in Indian market, a lot of the established countries' milk farming is massively funded as well as heavily subsidized by the federal governments with numerous revenue assistance strategies like i.e. Milk income loss contract repayment, Market loss support, Dairy products Income loss support programs, milk Indemnity, milk marketing costs and so on. Such massive subsidies keep the International milk costs down which are visiting impact quite terribly on our Indian dairy sector. we must resist as strong as feasible to protect our Indian dairy products Market versus dumping.

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